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Gooey's American Grille

Fulfilling the fantasy of cheese lovers everywhere since 2015, Gooey's American Grille serves made from scratch soups, roasted meats, sandwiches and macaroni dishes in a laid- back, family-friendly environment. As a staple in the local community, Gooey's is a restaurant with real food (no deli meats, five cheeses cheese sauce, real butter, real cream, whole milk, au jus made from drippings, and house made dressings), old fashioned values, and new technology. Gooey's has the diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets of two individuals who first came together in 2015 as the location in Wake Forest, NC opened.

Howard Udell (GEO) and John Brewer (GOO) built processes, policies, standards, and a vibrant menu with a focus on unique cheesy flavors. Gooey’s has over- engineered the model and has much more than is necessary for one location and will leverage its robust training and operational materials in the expansion process. With the knowledge and operational experience gained from the past three years in business, along with the successful backgrounds of the management team, Gooey’s next project is to expand the business via franchising in the state of North Carolina.

by Karen Lewis Taylor 5/17/16

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