Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is the progeny of the late actor and director, Michael Landon. She has four siblings and four half-siblings from her father’s prior relationships. Her mother, Marjorie Lynn Noe, is also an American actress. The couple wedded for the first time when Cheryl was nine years old.

Personal Information

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli was born on January 31st, 1953, and is currently 69 years old. She hails from a celebrated family of performers, with her father being a legendary actor and director, and her mother also an actress. As an Aquarius, her birthstone is Amethyst, and her ruling planet is Uranus, with Air being her birth element. Her lucky day is Tuesday, and her lucky colors are blue-green, Turquoise, Navy, and blue. Cheryl’s fortunate numbers are 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 51, and 71. She will most likely be compatible with individuals born under the zodiac signs Sagittarius, Gemini, and Libra. Cheryl is known to be dependable, charming, and affectionate, typical of people born on January 31st.

Parents and Family Members

Cheryl Ann’s parents got married in 1963 when she was nine years old, following a nineteen-year-long courtship, and later got divorced in 1982. Michael Landon was a famous actor, born in 1936, renowned for his roles in shows like “Little House on the Prairie,” for which he won the Golden Globe Award, “Bonanza,” in which he began acting at just 22, and “Highway to Heaven.” Landon was also featured on the cover of TV Guide 22 times, a remarkable accomplishment, second only to Lucille Ball. Michael Landon fell ill in 1991 after experiencing severe headaches and was later diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer could not be operated. He passed away at the age of 54, on July 1st, 1991, in Malibu, California.

Cheryl Ann was involved in a terrible car accident in 1973 when she was only 20 years old and was studying at the University of Arizona. Out of the four individuals involved, she was the lone survivor of the accident. She sustained severe injuries, was hospitalized, and was also in a coma for several days.

Net Worth

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is an extremely private individual who prefers to avoid the spotlight. We were unable to obtain much information about her marital status, family, or current location, so her net worth cannot be determined. Nevertheless, at the time of his death, her father had a net worth of $40 million. Michael Landon was not just a phenomenal actor but also an equally outstanding director. His last appearance was in a television drama called “US,” in which he acted, produced, and directed. The show aired in the year of his passing. Michael Landon acted in over 50 television shows and movies throughout his life and is regarded as one of the world’s finest actors and directors.