Dr Pepper is a NOT an Pepsi product, it makes up the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

Dr Pepper is among the most loved and well-known soda brands. While it’s frequent to see Dr Pepper alongside other Pepsi beverages at soda fountains Pepsi doesn’t actually hold the sole ownership of Dr Pepper.

The reason Dr Pepper is looked at in the same way as other soda brands is due to the fact that Pepsi along with Coca Cola have small shares in Dr Pepper’s main company. This is being investigated more deeply in regards to how they are in a position to sell Dr Pepper through their Fountains.

This means that bottlers who are owned of PepsiCo, The Coca-Cola Company as well as others have been granted the right to produce and sell Dr Pepper across the rest of the world as well as certain states within the United States of America.

Dr Pepper was independent of any parent company for a number of years. It has recently joined forces with Snapple to form a bigger corporate entity.

Who is the owner of Dr Pepper? In 2018, Dr Pepper was acquired by Keurig Green Mountain. In 2018, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group was acquired by Keurig Green Mountain which holds the largest share of ownership to this day.

The brand is now producing numerous items from Keurig products as well as other sodas part of the parent company of which Dr Pepper comes from.

Dr Pepper History

Dr Pepper is Dr Pepper brand is among the most popular soda brands throughout the United States and has a lengthy history of intriguing sales and marketing choices.

The brand is found in nearly every soda fountain in the country, however, nobody knows who is behind the brand and who produces it.

If we look at how the brand began and the way it has evolved into now, we are able to determine the source for Dr Pepper and discover whether it’s an actual Pepsi product.

With all its recent developments and new products that are being introduced The Dr Pepper brand goes back more than 100 years ago and has seen a variety of adjustments to its brand appearance since its inception.

The year was 1880. Charles Alderton created the first recipe for Dr Pepper and began to test the appeal of Dr Pepper.

He handed it out to people in the area to try and discovered it was immediately popular with people that tried it. The drink began its life as a regular soda however, it soon gained popularity as a drink with medicinal advantages.

Like those of Pepsi as well as Coca-Cola companies that were being developed in the era, many people believed that soda has particular qualities that made it healthy for the body.

Dr Pepper had early advertisements which claimed that the drink had numerous digestive benefits, and also provided people with extra energy to complete their daily tasks.

Since its beginning at the beginning of 1900, Dr Pepper has been expanding and developing new flavors and products to broaden the company’s market.

It is believed that the original Dr Pepper recipe is still an undiscovered secret and is believed to have been distributed across multiple locations in order to keep the recipe secret.

Dr Pepper is one of the most synergistic brands in drinks, as they work with other companies to expand and to develop their range of products.

DR Pepper Drink Marketing

Dr Pepper has gone through several major changes throughout its lengthy history. It was forced to change and adapt its marketing strategy to keep up to the changing times.

The brand name Dr Pepper is around for a long time and their uniqueness from the rest has helped immensely.

The expression “Dr Pepper Time” was widely circulated across America at various times during the day, when radio shows would air and advertise the drink.

Through its history of marketing, Dr Pepper has been prominently featured in numerous films and TV shows that have helped spread the image of its company.

Dr Pepper was famously the drink of choice in Forrest Gump and was also included in numerous other films during the 1990s when their advertising campaigns were determined to establish Dr Pepper as a unique drink and not simply another coke.

One of the more popular and most well-known “mascots” for the brand was Dr Pepper Girl.

Donna Loren acted as the Dr Pepper Girl during the sixties , and is the public face of Dr Pepper through various types of media.

She would often sing and discuss the brand’s appearances on TV and helped set the stage for numerous marketing events for the brand across the country.

Why is it called Dr Pepper?

As many people have known about Dr Pepper, as many people have heard of Dr Pepper name and know about the drink, the majority of people also ask why the drink is referred to as Dr Pepper.

There are a myriad of rumours and legends about the source of the name however there are some more established theories about the reason why the drink was named as it was.

In the time when the drinks were made, Pepsi and Coca-Cola often advertised their drinks as diet aids, almost as the health benefits of a product.

There is a belief that the use in the “Dr” within Dr Pepper was designed to ensure that the drink was an energizing beverage with medical support.

Another theory that has been popular has it one that Dr Pepper was named after an actual doctor.

The drink’s creator actually worked and Two Dr. Pepper’s, who could be the reason for this name.

Each doctor is believed to have had an influence on the drink’s creator that led to many people to believe they were the originators of the soft drink.

Yet, regardless of how many theories are on the internet, it’s not understood to this day the exact reason the drink is named that it does.

Collaboration With Coke and Pepsi

Through the years, Dr Pepper has gone through many changes and has had to face numerous conflicts with other corporations in the field.

The year was 1951. Dr Pepper and Coca-Cola entered into a fierce legal dispute over a trade arrangement that culminated in a hefty suit against Coca-Cola.

In the 1950s, Dr Pepper and Coke began to develop a positive partnership that saw both companies working together in order to use Coke bottling equipment to assist Dr Pepper bottle their products.

In the past, several times Coke along with Dr Pepper attempted to merge to gain financial benefits for both companies, but federal trade associations did not permit the merger due to fears that the two firms would become monopolies over their soda business.

The branding of Dr Pepper as a “pepper” flavor drink instead of an cola, was utilized numerous times to discern the differences between the two brands for financial profit.

Pepsi wasn’t as economically involved in Dr Pepper as Coke was however, they played a an important role in the distribution of their product.

Prior to a few years ago, Pepsi and Coke were the main distributors for Dr Pepper and produced most of the bottles Dr Pepper was served in.

It is the ties of these which have seen Dr Pepper spreading its reach and that is the reason Dr Pepper is often seen along with Coke or Pepsi at a beverage machine.

Interesting facts

Three interesting things concerning Dr. Pepper.

For a nominal fee, you can get Dr Pepper for America

In an effort to gain some attention, Dr Pepper stated that If the well-known band Guns N’ Roses came out with their latest album, they’d offer an unlimited Dr Pepper to everyone in America.

Guns N’ Roses reacted with full arms and was eager to see the partnership and its positive effects for Americans.

But, despite efforts from the part of Dr Pepper, they were in no position to fulfill the demand and they were sued by the band’s lawyers for not delivering on their commitment.

Dr Pepper Capital of the World

One of the most obscure relationships associated with one of the more obscure associations with Dr Pepper brand is the fact that Dr Pepper has discovered an odd connection between one particular geographical area as well as Dr Pepper the sales.

Roanoke Valley located in Virginia is part of the general area of the drink’s founder. It also has the very first Dr Pepper plant that was built to 1936.

The city has not only connections to the founder of the company and his father as well, but it is the location with the highest levels of consumption of the beverage anywhere in the United usa.

Dr Pepper has been supporting the area and assisted it to keep it’s origins as Dr Pepper landmarks and in 2015, Roanoke city declared October 24th as Dr Pepper day in memory of the “10-2-4” slogan, which was famousized through Dr Pepper adverts.

Dr Pepper has its Own Museum

The town is located in Waco Texas, a quaint bottling and manufacturing plant which is Dr Peppers first own facility is now home to Dr Pepper Museum. Dr Pepper Museum.