One of the main complaints about Season 5 of Rick and Morty is that the show became ever more uncoupled from its canon storyline, with most of the episodes dedicated to wacky one-shot concepts that might be fun but don’t pack the same emotional punch. Season 6’s premiere, “Solaricks,” is here to show fans that the Rick and Morty crew understood the fair criticism and is ready to steer the new season’s boat on a different course.

In Season 6, Episode 1, As Jerry goes back to his home universe, it looks normal. The same is not the case with Morty as he goes to a universe that is taken over by the monstrous Cronenbergs. The episode takes an odd turn when Morty meets the Jerry of this universe who wants nothing to do with his son. As for Rick, he is stranded someplace else as well. He is now gone over to the Weird Rick’s place. This guy killed his original wife and Beth. He quickly saves his ass from this place and sets on a mission to rescue Morty, and if necessary, Jerry.

Summer is literally the coolest person on the show right now. Her character arc has grown so much over the years and even though she is just a side character, there is no one else I would love to trade places with right now. While Rick and Morty as well as Jerry are lost, she is the one who aids them back home. In a heroic attempt, he also fights off the monsters with the Wolverine claws. Right there, we saw a very emotional touch in Rick’s eye (very rare), that he is proud and respects his granddaughter the most. Well, coming back to the future of the series, here is what we know about the next episode.

Rick and morty season 6 episode 1 review reddit

I feel like they’re setting up to give us a little bit of closure on a few things this season. I really enjoyed it.

I liked the writing here it felt somewhat more grounded, Jerry’s complaint about an explanation wasn’t dismissed by everyone as if he was brain dead, Cronenberg Jerry became an actual person again rather than a weird caveman and characters actually felt like they talked with eachother rather than try to quip or dismiss one another.

The Beth subplot was pretty bad though, just because they say “oh sorry for sitcom fighting with you” doesn’t really change the fact they did just that.

I did like that they actually acknowledged the Oni Press comic series continuity of what the Original Jerry did after we last saw him (the comic series continuing the storyline of the original family in back-ups, until the death of Summer).

cliché writing followed by characters acknowledging the cliché writing is just the worst. the writers know they’re being cliché, so they should just own it or write something else. cliché isn’t automatically bad. telling me that it’s bad makes it bad, though.

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